Communication is key, they said.  While I have an undergraduate degree in communication studies, you don’t exactly need a degree to understand this concept.  Being an active consumer in today’s society, there is no doubt that you are actively communicating for a solid portion of your day.  Communication does not only entail having friendly conversations with friends and family.  So, lets think about this for a minute… In what ways have you communicated today?  Ok, i’ll go first:

I woke up to my alarm clock (aka cell phone), looked at my phone to see a push notification from Shutterfly (yay, a free 16 x 20 print!), checked my Facebook notifications, checked my email and saw that two of my daughters friends’ RSVP’d to her birthday party, and finally ventured my way out of bed and down stairs, turning on the TV to stream my favorite morning radio talk show via Apple TV.  Next, my daughter told me that she looked at her weather app on her iPad to find that it would be almost 60 degrees today (this calls for a celebration for any Ohioan).  Over the next couple hours, I communicated with people via text, phone call, and Instagram, and also utilized my iMac to look over my school assignments and work on a website that I am currently creating.

So within a the first few hours of my day, I have successfully communicated in about a dozen ways, utilizing a multitude of emerging media outlets– Ah ha, there’s our bread and butter. So what is this emerging media talk about anyway?

Emerging Media 

I am going to assume that we all know what media means and we all know what the word emerging means, so simple, right?  Wrong. Actually, you might not even be aware of it, but the media is changing and evolving every single day and the the way you are being marketed (or marketing) to is also changing every day. But, why?  The reason is relatively simple: Because consumers are spending more time being connected in unlimited number of ways, digital media is becoming mainstream.  It used to be that marketers sent advertising messages to the consumers and that was it, end of story.  Well, with all of this emerging media, consumers are now able to create, send, and share their very own messages! So as a media consumer, it is important for us to become mindful (aware) of emerging media and what it means to consumers, marketers, business owners, etc.

That’s a wrap– for today, anyway. I hope that you can take this journey with me while I pursue my graduate degree in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) and learn a few things along the way!



  1. Shana, I could not have drawn a better picture of what emerging media is all about if I tried (and I did). As a sit and read your post, I have college basketball games streaming on my iPad, my iPhone is sitting next to me and I am using that to text my friend, there are articles that need to be read for class up on my Mac Book Pro, and I am typing this on my iMac (one could say I am brand loyal). No longer are consumers fully immersed in one medium at a time, especially as the age of consumers that have grown up in the digital age is increasing. Statista (2015) estimates that over 90% of Millennials and 85% of Generation X consumers consistently use a second screen while watching TV. As marketers, we no longer can fight the concept of second screen media consumption, instead we must embrace it and figure out ways to use it to our advantage.


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  2. After reading how the first few hours of your day went, I thought about my own and realized that I’m probably too connected. While at lunch today, I forgot my iPhone in my office and I simply couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I was missing by not having it with me. That alone reminds me of how far we’ve come with technology and how it allows consumers to communicate 24/7. You made a strong point – consumers are receivers and senders of information. This is key. Looking to social media as an example, these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are powerful in that the are simply “social.” Social arenas enable users to communicate with each other, thereby making them creators and senders of marketing content. The Pew Research Center likes to call these social users “creators and curators.” The Center describes creators as adult Internet users who post original videos or photos online that they have created themselves. As for curators, these are adult Internet users who gather videos or photos found online and share/repost them on website platforms designed for sharing information with other users/consumers. As emerging media continues to evolve with consumer relationships at the center, it’s advantageous for marketers to engage with consumers via social media. Social media networks are outlets for a brand’s voice and content, but they’re also important in that they empower consumers to be creators and curators of content for the brand.


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  3. This is so very true Shayna, although my morning was not as active with media, If I wanted it to It could have been, I choose to not turn on anything except this computer and the coffee pot, after the cell alarm wakes me up. I enjoy quiet in the morning, then ease into all the mixed media of my day. Although the best so far for me is personal interaction. I find it tooo funny when we sit around the lunch table at work and the girls have their noses in the phones and the topic of conversation is the funny meme they pull up on their phone. It causes me to worry that there will soon be a great lack of personal interaction. Almost as if that movie “Idiocracies” was profetic. Although, those of us who are older seem to keep it real and get the heads out of all the electromagnetism going on around us. In our generation we who where spacey where called space heads. Now I wonder if the newer generations will be called buzz heads because of all the electric the are allowing to enter in to their systems.


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