Privacy? I don’t think so.

It seems as if there is an app for just about anything that you could ever dream of needing or wanting.  But is convenience worth your privacy?  Personally, things seem to be getting a little creeeeeeeeepy.


According to research,

-99% of the most popular iOS and Android free apps have had at least one privacy-related risky behavior.

-87% of the most popular paid iOS apps and 78% of the Android apps have had at least one privacy-related behavior.

Included in the risky behavior is tracking uses location, accessing address books, calendars, microphone (scary), and your camera (even scarier). In some instances, the developers of free apps use the data they collect for supplementing their profits and the more personal data they collect from us, the more $$$ they get.


Health Apps

Health apps and the ever so awesome wearable technology seems to be all the rage lately.  So, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here…

A recent study on 211 health-realted apps showed:

-Over 80% of the apps had NO privacy policy at all (again, none).

-Of the 41 apps that did in fact have a privacy policy, not all of the provisions actually protected privacy.

-80% of the apps collected users personal data and 50% of them share the data.

-65 diabetes apps found to collect and share sensitive health information, including insulin and blood glucose levels with third parties.

So what do I do?!

Scary, I know…. But not all is lost. There are ways that you can protect yourself.  You can do some spring cleaning in the app department, by:

-Delete all apps that you do not use.

-Review all privacy policies and if they do not have one, say bye-bye! Read ALL of the fine print and see what the developer does with your info.  Also, check for a developers website and if they do not have one, delete.

-Review and update all app permissions. For example, a flashlight app does not need to access your camera roll or microphone!



One thought on “Privacy? I don’t think so.

  1. This is some great advice. The breaking down of which categories of apps is the most vulnerable definitely makes you think twice as a consumer. After the readings in our class and reading this, don’t you think that there should be a standard when it comes to apps. There should laws in place that protect both the consumer and business.

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